The InBody Health challenge

The InBody Health challenge - NL
Health challenge

At BODY WORLDS Amsterdam you can now do the InBody health check. Since you’ve found your way to this page, you’ve probably done that! Great, now you’ve got a better insight into your body composition. But what exactly does that mean? Allow us to explain a little further.

By knowing your body composition you can see what your body is made of, including fat, protein, minerals and water. This way you won’t only know how much you weigh, but also what that weight is made of. So an InBody scan is much more accurate than for instance calculating your BMI.

Your result sheet

Your result sheet has many different components. Let us break down the most important for you. First, you have the body composition analysis. Here you’ll see how much water, protein, minerals, and body fat mass you contain. A little further down on the sheet you’ll find the muscle-fat analysis here you can check if your muscles need some extra care or not. Is it time for a work-out? In the segmental lean analysis, you can check which body part needs some attention. If you skipped leg day too much or maybe broke your arm recently, here is where you’ll see that reflected. Do you want a more in-depth look into your sheet? Check out the InBody website.


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Visit again and improve your score!

So now you know everything about the inside of your body it is time to start improving your score. We’ve collected tips to give you a little help on where to start. After all that hard work you probably want to know if your scores really improved. That’s why we offer a free second InBody health check! Simply bring your result sheet (make sure your name is on it) and some form of identification (ID, passport, drivers license) with you to the BODY WORLDS counter and you’re all set for your second check.


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