Tips to improve your InBody score

Happiness is a matter of balance
Improve your score

So you did the InBody health check and dug into your score, now it’s time to get to work and start improving. Let us help you out by giving you a few tips on where and how to start.

Your main goal is probably to get more healthy. But that’s a little vague, isn’t it? There are two main ways to change your results: reduce fat mass and increase lean body mass. Fat mass is the substance many people always want to get rid off. Lean body mass is your total weight minus your fat. To conclude: keep the weight off and get the muscle on. But there is also a lot more you can do to improve your score.

Lose the bad fat

Start with losing weight if you have a high body fat percentage and a high overall weight. There are many ways to lose weight. We are bombarded every day with guides and tips on the subject and sometimes it’s hard to know what really works. A combination of watching what you eat and exercising is a good start. So skip the chocolate and take the stairs!

Go to sleep

This is probably the easiest tip we can give you to improve your score. Go to sleep! During your sleep, certain hormones will start doing there work. The growth hormone and testosterone will get active while you dream and help you grow muscle. So make sure you get about 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Sweet dreams!

Reduce stress

Stress has a lot of impact on our body composition. Especially chronical stress. The hormone cortisol is the big bad guy here. Too much cortisol leads to a higher body weight. So do you feel like stress is taking over your life? Start with taking little steps, go on a little walk every day, take a short nap, try meditation. Make a little time in your day for yourself and you’ll see your scores improving.

Get the muscle on

Working out is a good idea if your results show that you are skinny fat, meaning you aren’t overweight but you have low amounts of lean body mass and high amounts of fat mass. The best way to improve your muscle is starting with a resistance training program. Exercising helps your muscle growth and that’s when your lean body mass will increase. A good tip is to start with your legs. The biggest muscles are in your legs, so your results will improve faster if you start there. So get those work-out clothes from the back of the closet and hit the gym!

Balans your blood sugar levels

If your blood sugar level rises, insulin is delivered to your cells which gives you energy. If you eat too many times a day or too much, then it is possible that you can get less perceptive to insulin. So what can help balance you out again? Stop eating thing with a lot of carbohydrates like pizza and pasta and start eating food that will lower your blood sugar levels like berries and cinnamon. It's all about the right balance.

Keep an eye on your body water

The most important part of your body is water. Overall 45-65% of your body consists of water. Yet again is balance the key-word here. You have water inside and outside your cells. This ratio should be around 3:2. Did your results show that you have to much water outside your cells? Then it is time to have a look at your diet and to start working out. Start drinking more water and reduce the amount of salt you eat. Work-out to grow your muscle, because muscles contain a lot of water. You will see the results when you come back for your free second scan.

Has your result improved?

After all that hard work you probably want to know if your scores really improved. That’s why we offer a free second InBody health check! Simply bring your result sheet (make sure your name is on it) and some form of identification (ID, passport, drivers license) with you to the BODY WORLDS counter and you’re all set for your second check. Do you want to take your friend and family with you to BODY WORLDS so they can do the InBody health check as well? Get your tickets right here online.

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