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Smokers lungs / Rokerslongen
08 Oct / 20

Stoptober: an excellent incentive to quit smoking

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What does smoking do to your lungs? Join the Stoptober movement, research shows that 70% of participants is actually able to quit.
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10 Sep / 20

Happiness and health

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Can we take charge of our own happiness?
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Museum Amsterdam BODY WORLDS.jpg
05 Oct / 20

Virtual tour through Body Worlds Amsterdam

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Our colleagues take you on a virtual tour of Body Worlds Amsterdam during the Awakening Weeks
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Christmas dinner table
04 Nov / 19

How to best enjoy that holiday meal

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People tend to eat a lot more during the holidays than they usually do, sometimes double the amount. This means our bodies will have a lot to process. But what exactly happens in our body and what part is played by our brains?
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09 Oct / 20

Why autumn makes you happier and healthier?

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Autumn transforms our environment with its burst of vibrant colours. But what comes with changes on the outside, has effects on your inside too. Have you ever wondered why this season makes you happier and healthier?
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