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See What You’re Made Of
Body test

InBody Scan platform at BODY WORLDS AmsterdamWith the InBody Test at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam, you can see what you are made of and which aspects of your body you should focus your attention on.

Many refer to the BMI index to determine if their body weight and height are in proportion, however this ratio is not a good indicator of your health. This is because not all weight is unhealthy. Muscle mass, for instance, is heavy but not unhealthy.

The InBody Test measures whether your body really is in balance. InBody’s medical-grade body composition analysers rely on four pillars of technology to give you extremely accurate and precise BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) results that are highly correlated to gold-standard methods.

The 8-Point Tactile Electrode System with Thumb Electrodes that are strategically placed provide accurate measurements.

The Direct Segmental Multi-Frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis provides independent measurement for each segment of your body ensuring accurate measurements for the entire body.

Multiple Frequencies provide the most precise body water analysis.

No estimations. No empirical estimations are used to calculate your body composition. InBody measures your impedance independently, so your results are not affected by your age, ethnicity, or gender.

On the result sheet you will find insights into data concerning your body fat mass, muscle mass, and body water ratio. Through a segmental fat analysis the results will even tell you which part of your body requires needs attention.

Your results are also available in the InBody App for iOS and Android to track all your information on the go wherever you are.

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This information, combined with the knowledge of how your body works, allows you to improve your health by focusing on the aspects that require attention.

The test only takes about a minute and is completely painless. Elsewhere an InBody Health Check costs €35, at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam it's included in your ticket. Other locations where the InBody Test is used are in the medical field, fitness centres and wellness centres.