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  • What is BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project?
    • BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project is part of the world-famous exhibitions BODY WORLDS: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. These are worldwide exhibitions where real plastinated human bodies can be seen. Human bodies that have been treated in a special way so that the dissolution process is prevented. The plastination method was invented in 1977 by the German anatomist Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

  • What is plastination?
    • Plastination is a method in which the tissue fluid is replaced by reaction plastics such as silicone rubber with the aid of a special vacuum process. The decomposition and desiccation process is thus completely terminated. The patented plastination method makes it possible to view the inside of the human body in a unique way.

  • Where do the human preparations come from?
    • The exhibited pieces in the BODY WORLDS exhibitions all come from the donor program. People can sign up for this. They then indicate that their body, after death, may be used for medical science and education. Most of the whole bodies come from this donor program. Only a few organs, fetuses and specific preparations that have noticeable deviations come from old anatomical collections and institutes. It has been agreed with the donors that their identity and cause of death will not be made public. The exhibitions focus on the nature of the bodies and not on personal information. Currently, there are 13,000 registered donors in the Body Donation Program.

  • What is the purpose of BODY WORLDS?
    • The exhibitions of Gunter von Hägens aim to inform a broad public about the functioning of the human body. By means of the plastinates, the public gets an insight into the functioning of organs, the development of diseases and the effects that certain actions have on human health. With this BODY WORLDS wants to arouse the interest in anatomy and psychology, increase knowledge and encourage people to live healthier.

  • Why are the plastinates positioned this way?
    • The position of the plastinates has been determined with great care and serves an educational purpose. The bodies that are in an athletic position, for example, clearly show what the muscles do during exercise. The positions have been chosen to show the anatomy of the human body even better.

  • Can you touch the plastinates?
    • It is not allowed to touch the exhibited bodies.

  • Have the Ethical issues of these exhibitions been reviewed?
    • Before the opening of the American premiere of BODY WORLDS, a committee consisting of theologians, ethicists, academics and medical experts has extensively discussed the ethical issues that come with these exhibitions. Led by the Californian Science Center in Los Angeles, an 'Ethics Review of the origins of bodies in BODY WORLDS' was written based on this consultation.

  • How long is BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project in Amsterdam?
    • The exhibition BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project can be seen permanently in Amsterdam.

  • Is the exhibition suitable for children?
    • There are no age limits for a visit to the exhibition for children or young people who are accompanied by educators. We do advise to prepare the children for the visit. Parents and teachers must decide for themselves whether the children and young people in their care are adequately prepared for the BODY WORLDS exhibition visit. Information material is available on the BODY WORLDS website (Teachers and parents). Teachers can order extensive documentation free of charge.

  • In which language is the exhibition?
    • BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project is in both Dutch and English. The signs on the walls are in both languages. The audio guide is available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

  • Is the exhibition accessible to the disabled?
    • The exhibition is easily accessible for the disabled. However, the building has several floors, which means that the lift has to be used.

  • Can I eat and drink during my visit?
    • It is not allowed to eat or drink during your visit to BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project.

Getting to the exhibition

  • What is the address of BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project?
    • The exhibition is located at Damrak 66 in the center of Amsterdam.

  • What is the nearest station?
    • The nearest station is Amsterdam Central station. From there you can walk to the location (about 10 minutes) or travel one stop by tram.

  • Where is the nearest parking garage?
    • There are several parking garages near the location. The nearest is the garage of Q-park under the Bijenkorf department store.

  • How do I get to BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project?
    • The location is easily accessible by public transport. Several trams stop in front of the door (4, 9, 16, 24 and 25) and it is only a ten-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

  • How do I get to BODY WORLDS with public transport?
    • The locations are easily accessible by public transport. Several trams stop at the door (4, 9, 16, 24 and 25) and it is only a ten-minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

  • Where is the nearest entry and exit point for coach buses?
    • When you want to park with a coach at BODY WORLDS you can visit the five municipal parking lots in or near the city center. In total, more than 116 parking spaces are available here for coaches:

      Zuiderzeeweg 46a

      Prins Hendrikkade opposite number 120 (corner Oosterdokskade)

      Q-Park Busparking Museumplein (entrance Paulus Potterstraat / corner Rijksmuseum)

      Plantation Doklaan (at Artis Zoo)

      Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat (at Gassan Diamonds)

      The Prins Hendrikkade car park is the closest location from the Beurs van Berlage.


  • Is it better to buy tickets online?
    • It is cheaper to buy your tickets online in advance. You can also choose a time slot so that you can simply enter and do not run the risk of waiting.

  • How do I order a ticket for BODY WORLDS?
    • You order a ticket through our ticket module. This can be found right here on our website.

  • What are the costs of a ticket?
    • Prices of tickets differ online and at the checkout. For the most up-to-date information you can consult our website.

  • Can I also buy tickets at the ticket office?
    • At the ticket office you can also buy tickets, but it is cheaper to buy tickets online.

  • Does BODY WORLDS offer special school prices?
    • Yes, for group or school visits (from 10 people) you can book your tickets online at favorable rates. For questions and / or customization please contact: bezoek@bodyworlds.nl or 0900-8411 (45cpm). School classes and groups must be accompanied by at least one adult per ten children. All teachers, professors and teaching assistants receive free admission on presentation of the Amsterdam EXPO teacher's pass in combination with a valid identification. You can request this teacher's pass online in advance.

      Reservations for a school visit can be arranged via the booking form. For more information, see our school visit page.

  • Is the museum annual pass valid at BODY WORLDS?
    • BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project is not a museum, so the museum year card is not valid for the exhibition.

Visitors information



  • How to place a reservation?
    • Visit the section Schools and Groups on our website, register as a group or school, login and place a reservation. You will then receive a voucher which you can take with you to the BODY WORLDS counter, there you can make the payment. For Dutch schools or groups is possible to pay by account.

  • How to proceed with the payment?
    • The payment cannot be made before the visit. It is possible to make the payment either by invoice, after the visit for Ducth schools or groups, or at the ticket desk. It is not possible to make a payment previously your visit, nor online. Schools and groups outside of the Netherlands must pay upon arrival.

  • Can the invoice be sent for a different email address informed on the booking?
    • No, the invoice is sent to the email informed during your reservation, and it cannot be changed.

  • How much does it cost a ticket for groups or school?
    • As there are different prices, please, register as a group or school, proceed with the login, and you will find the price for groups or school. A group ticket is 15 euros for adults and 10 euros for children. Elementary and secondary school students pay 8,75 euros. All other students pay 11,50 euros. Teachers are for free upon showing the teacher card, or a card from their school. Of course a payslip will do and for example an email from the school.

  • Tickets for teachers
    • Teachers get a free ticket if they show proof that they are teachers and a valid ID card or passport. They always visit the museum free.

  • How many people can be considered as a group?
    • You can make a reservation for a group with a minimum of 10 people on the schools and groups section of our website. You will then receive a voucher which you can take with you to the BODY WORLDS counter. There you can make your payments or pay by account, for Dutch groups.

  • How many people can be booked per time-slot?
    • For one time-slot it is possible to book for a maximum of 150 people. However, a group with more than 25 people, is divided into smaller groups of around 20 to 25 people each. Group by group will enter and have a short introduction of 5 to 10 minutes, including the storage of the bags in the lockers — the gap between these smaller groups 5 to 10 minutes. It is not necessary to place different bookings when the group is over 25 people.

  • How can I change my booking?
    • If you want to change the number of people on your booking, up to 5 (more or less) people, you can inform directly at the ticket desk. When the difference in the number of visitors in the group is larger than 5, you will have to place a new order and cancel the previous one.

  • Is it possible to have a guided tour?
    • We offer guided tours for groups for the visit. A tour guide is 175 euros exclusive tickets to the exhibition, and there is a maximum of 20 persons per tour guide. If you have more than 20 people in the group, you should reserve more guides. You need to book 3 weeks in advance. The tour lasts approximately 1,5 hours.

  • Do you also have free educational material available for schools?
    • On our website, you can find free educational material for primary and secondary education under the section 'schools & groups'.

  • Do you also have printed versions of the educational booklets?
    • We do not print out the educational material for schools, but you can easily do this yourself via our website.

  • Are your opening hours different during the school holidays?
    • Yes, during the summer we are open from 09.00 hrs - 21.00 hrs. Please keep in mind that the last admission is at 20.00 hrs. But we recommend at least 1,5 hours for a visit.

  • We are a Travel Agency, how can we make a booking?
    • Please send your booking request to groups@tourismgroup.com.