Why autumn makes you happier and healthier?

Autumn transforms our environment with its burst of vibrant colours. But what comes with changes on the outside, has effects on your inside too. Have you ever wondered why this season makes you happier and healthier?
Why autumn makes you happier and healthier?

Summer is over and a change of season is looming on the horizon. Everyone knows what to expect in the months to come: shorter and darker days, lower temperatures, and plenty of rain. It is not all doom and gloom. Let's not forget that autumn comes with many benefits for our body, mind, and spirit as well as beautiful autumnal colours.

Healthy food, healthy body

As the weather gets cooler, our bodies crave more high energy foods. With the shelves covered with in-season delicacies, you can treat yourself with an abundance of orange and golden fruits and veggies. Increase your energy, change your mood and bolster your body’s immunity with a healthy snack. If there is one vegetable you should really include in your meals this season, it is pumpkin. It is a true crowd-pleaser, not only for its savoury flavour but also for its serotonin boosting effects. We all know that serotonin is one of the happiness hormones. So, why not get the most benefit out of this autumn ingredient and give your happiness a big boost. First, remember to stock up on fresh fruits and veggies from your local supplier and immerse yourself in this season’s healthy flavours.

Stress relieve

Autumn turns summer’s green foliage into many shades of orange, red, purple and yellow. This magical season simply transforms our environment with its burst of vibrant colours. And this is not all. It captures our attention and encourages our brain to direct its focus to something beautiful and pleasant. It’s no wonder why after an autumn stroll, we heave a sigh of relief and feel our hearts lighten.

Childhood memories

One of the indistinct effects of autumn’s bright colours is the reinforcement of our memories directly linked to our childhood. If you find yourself talking more often about your past experiences with peers and school, jumping into piles of leaves and sipping from hot apple cider with your friends, this is a good sign that autumn colours remind you of these positive memories. Even if you are not entirely aware of this association with your childhood, you may see that your spirit rises at the first hint of change in foliage colours.

Good time to fall in love

Sure, summer has its merits in bringing people together and making it easier for you to socialise and form new relationships of all sorts. However, there is no better time than autumn to getting closer to that special someone. The leaves may be falling to the ground but your levels of testosterone spike more in autumn than in the rest of the year. And, implicitly, more testosterone means higher libido for both men and women. So what could be better on a frigid autumn evening than cuddling up with your loved one and watch a heart-warming romantic comedy?

In short, autumn is special in many respects, from the relationships we build with family and friends to the unique connection we nurture with nature. So, let autumn do its work with its many wonderful effects on your health and happiness.

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