Are parties healthy or unhealthy?

What are the health benefits of going out to a party, and what are the risks you're taking for that party lifestyle?
Are parties healthy or unhealthy?

Gatsby (the great one) said that a little party never killed nobody. Some people even like to claim that a little party is actually good or healthy for you. This might just be wishful thinking for the party people out there, because there are definitely a lot of unhealthy sides of a party life. Let’s weigh down the pros and cons of partying and what it does to the body.

The health benefits of partying:


Partying can be a stress relief

It is no news that too much stress is a major health risk to your body and mind. The human body is designed to experience stress, and it helped our species in case of danger, it is an indicator to respond. There are two types of stress, the ‘positive’ stress, called eustress, that you gives you motivation and alerts to avoid ‘danger’. It is something that you are excited about and have gives you a drive. However, distress is the negative feeling that occurs when you are is constantly faced with challenges. This builds up to becoming overworked and tense.

To relieve this natural occurring stress before it takes too much control, it is important to find ways to relax your body and mind. And this can be: partying! A party every now and then gives you something to look forward to and be excited about. It works to distract you from your day-to-day and can help you clear your mind. Party the stress away!

Going to a party is good for your social connections

For us humans it is important to be with others, to feel socially connected and enjoy time together to live a happy and healthy life. There are numerous benefits to our mental health in having strong social connections. Studies have, among other, shown lower rates of anxiety, depression and increase in self-esteem. Besides that, bonding with people and having good relationships can help improve your immune system!

So saying yes to going out can help you find these social bonds and connections with people. Parties are a good place to strengthen your social skills.

Partying as cardio

We know how important movement is for the body. And dancing is a good workout! See for yourself, put your phone in your pocket when you’re out clubbing to keep track of the amount of steps you’re making in one night. Moreover, research done by Harvard has proven that you can burn around 180 to 230 calories for just 30 minutes of intense dancing. Moving your body to the beat has more health benefits, as it lowers the risk of osteoporosis and dementia. And dancing makes your body release endorphins that give you a natural high.

The unhealthy side of partying:

Sleep deprivation and irregular sleep schedule

Sleep is replaced by partying, as parties mostly happen at night. Sacrificing your sleep every now and then has negative effects to your mind and body. And the less you sleep, the worse it gets. Getting around eight hours of sleep every night is part of a healthy diet, our bodies need rest to recover and strengthen. Sleep deprivation will leave you forgetful, irritable, and fatigued. If you don’t rest well you also affect your immune system.

Now the answer might seem to just sleep in, but this álso has health risks. As having an irregular sleep pattern can put people at a higher risk of obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure and obesity. An irregular bedtime schedule causes poor sleep quality.

Alcohol and substance abuse

Alcohol and other substances are generally not healthy for your body, especially when used in excessive amounts. These harmful substances numb the brain and body for a moment, put you in a reactive mode, where it is harder to control yourself. Long term health risks include heart disease, weak immune system, memory loss and mental health problems.

Alcohol and drugs are highly addictive. What might begin as random party time can spiral into an uncontrollable habit.

Your sleep is affected by these substances as well. Besides the amount of sleep you get after a night out, there is also a distinction of the quality of sleep. Alcohol is not beneficial to the quality of your sleep. Drinking alcohol might have the effect to make you tired and fall asleep fast, but you will need more rest than a sober body.


If your night out tends to end at the Kebab shop, your party life is significantly unhealthier. Of course, eating junk food once in while is not directly dangerous, but when kebab, pizza and fries become a standard on your weekends, your parties have become bad for your body. Overeating, eating fatty, high processed foods and ‘empty calories’ drains you from your energy, and creating a habit out of this can lead to obesity. This unhealthy lifestyle can also lead to Fatty Liver syndrome. At BODY WORLDS there is a normal, healthy, liver on display next to a fatty liver. See for yourself how your daily and your party choices impact your body!

How to balance partying with a healthy lifestyle?

Happiness and health go hand in hand! The happiness project at BODY WORLDS is designed to look at how we can thrive and be more healthy and happy. Going out, celebrating life helps with getting those endorphins and improves your outlook on life. But keep the negative sides in mind and find a good balance. Stay away from over-drinking, junkfood and try to get a good night’s rest. Maybe take an extra nap before or after the party. Then you can say you’re out partying, for your health!