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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project
Damrak 66
1012 LM Amsterdam

Information and tickets: 0900-8411 (45cpm)
Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam reg.no.: 59466456
VAT number: NL853504441B01


Tickets cannot be returned, refunded, replaced or have their validity extended. Barcodes on tickets may not be folded or damaged. Damage to the barcode may render it unreadable, denying the ticket holder access to the exhibition. Copied tickets are automatically read as invalid. Any abuse will be prosecuted. Each ticket grants a single visitor one-time access to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. Tickets automatically become invalid once scanned at ticket check.
Visitor Terms and Conditions
Visitors must comply with the following terms and conditions when they visit BODY WORLDS Amsterdam.
1. General
Visitors shall enter BODY WORLDS Amsterdam at their own risk. Parents and chaperones shall be responsible for their children’s behaviour. Instructions by our employees must be followed at all times. Our employees may remove visitors from BODY WORLDS Amsterdam who do not abide by the aforementioned Visitor Terms and Conditions or who create (or threaten to create) public disturbances. The visitor shall not be entitled to compensation in such instances.

2. Access
Only persons with valid tickets may enter BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. Visitors must keep this ticket with them while they are at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam and show this to any of our employees upon request. The ticket shall only be valid on the date of issuance (except for subscriptions) and shall no longer be valid after the visitor leaves BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam recommends that visitors be at least six years old. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam reserves the right at all times to deny access to persons, for example, if they are under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs or if they create (or threaten to create) public disturbances.
3. Safety
With regard to visitor safety, visitors are strictly prohibited from entering technical rooms and/or areas which are indicated to be accessible only to employees. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not be responsible for damage to personal property or clothing and/or injury to bodily parts.
4. Articles brought by visitors
Visitors may not carry weapons or other objects which, in our employees’ judgment, are dangerous. Illicit drugs may not be used. Radios and other audio equipment are not allowed. Scooters, tricycles, bicycles, skates and other possible means of transport, except for wheelchairs, are not permitted at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. Nor may visitors bring rucksacks, handbags or other bags, umbrellas, child carrier backpacks or other large objects into the exposition. However, prams/pushchairs (strollers) are permitted inside the exhibition. You may be asked to store any type of bag, umbrella, child carrier backpack, or other object in one of our lockers. You must insert EUR 2.00 into the locker, which shall not be returned to you when the locker is opened again. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not assume any responsibility for damage to and/or loss of property stored by visitors.
5. Pets or other animals
Pets or other animals are not permitted at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam, in order to protect the safety of both the pets/animals and the visitors to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam does not provide any care facilities for pets or other animals. Guide dogs/assistance dogs are, on the other hand, welcome at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam.
6. Clothing and shoes
Men, women and children must wear clothing at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam which covers their upper and lower body and must also wear shoes.
7. Photos and videos
Unless otherwise stated at the entrance, taking photos for private use is not permitted. Flash pictures and tripods may not be used. Video and/or audio material may not be published, unless BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s management has granted prior written permission. As a visitor, you may be filmed or photographed. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam reserves the right at all times to use this material for publication.
8. Large crowds and technical difficulties
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam has been set up in such a way that not every section can receive a large number of visitors simultaneously. Consequently, if there are large crowds, it may be not possible to visit every section of an exhibition. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not be liable for any damage or disappointment. Some sections are controlled using various technologies. A technical breakdown may result in delays. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not furnish any refund on the admission price in the event of delays.
9. Damage
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall be operated with due care. Nevertheless, visitors may be faced with unsafe situations or damage. We kindly ask visitors to report this to one of our employees as soon as possible, so we can take action. In addition, visitors themselves may unintentionally cause damage. In that instance, too, we kindly request that the visitor report this to the box office before leaving BODY WORLDS Amsterdam.
10. Liability
If the visitor has suffered damage while visiting BODY WORLDS Amsterdam, the visitor must notify the ticket desk before departing. If damage is reported later, the visitor shall not under any circumstances be eligible for compensation. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not accept any liability whatsoever for any damage suffered by the visitor, unless such damage directly results from wilful misconduct by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam or one of our employees. Even if articles are given to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam for safekeeping, BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not be liable if the articles become lost or damaged. This exclusion of liability shall not apply insofar as BODY WORLDS Amsterdam receives benefits from an insurance company or compensation from another party with regard to the risk which arose.
11. Promotion and sales
Services and/or products may not be promoted or sold at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam or in the direct vicinity of BODY WORLDS Amsterdam, unless prior written permission has been granted by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s management.
12. Smoking
Smoking is not allowed inside BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. Visitors may smoke outside in designated areas. Cigarettes must be disposed of in the rubbish bins spread out over the areas where smoking is allowed. Weather conditions shall not be accepted as an excuse for smoking at other places besides those indicated by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam.
13. Catering
The Uniform Conditions for the Hotel and Catering Industry (UVH) shall apply to catering deliveries. These terms and conditions are available upon request.
14. Children and supervision
Children ages 6 through 14 must be supervised by at least one adult chaperone.
15. Ordering tickets, changing reservations, and discount offers
We recommend that visitors buy tickets online. Due to the enormous interest in BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s exhibitions, tickets for a specific date may be sold out. The announcement of new discounts or other promotional actions shall not provide a basis for a refund.
16. Refund in the event of absence or late arrival
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not provide any cash refunds in the event that individual visitors and/or persons belonging to a group do not show up. If, after making a reservation for a certain time slot, you arrive late, you shall not receive a refund of the admission price or any other form of compensation. We shall, however, try to admit you to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam at a later time on the same day, as long as there is enough space.
We shall not provide any cash refund or other form of compensation in the following cases:

  • if the visitor is sick or does not show up;
  • if BODY WORLDS Amsterdam does not conform to the visitor’s expectations;
  • if delays have occurred;
  • if the visitor becomes ill while visiting BODY WORLDS Amsterdam;
  • if the visitor’s ticket is lost or stolen;
  • if the visitor has obtained the ticket from a third party besides BODY WORLDS Amsterdam and the third party does not pay the admission price to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam for reasons having to do with the third party;
  • if the ticket was purchased in combination with an event/conference in BODY WORLDS Amsterdam and this event/conference is cancelled.
  • if the visitor does not use the ticket for whatever reason, he/she shall not be compensated for this. Once a ticket has been obtained, it cannot be exchanged, nor can the admission price be refunded in such situations. 

17. Rescheduling, emergencies and cancellation of expositions
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an exposition. If an exposition is rescheduled, the tickets shall remain valid for this exposition. If, in the event that an exposition is rescheduled, you are unable to visit the exposition during the alternative period, or if the exposition is cancelled, BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall ensure that your admission fee is refunded to your bank account or credit card (depending on your manner of payment) as soon as possible. Service and administrative costs shall not be refunded.
If an exposition is temporarily or otherwise inaccessible to the public because of an emergency, the tickets shall remain valid for another day of your choice.
If an exposition is definitively cancelled or cannot go forward (because of the licensor or BODY WORLDS Amsterdam), the ticket prices shall be refunded to your bank account or credit card (depending on your manner of payment). Service and administrative costs shall not be refunded.
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement describes how BODY WORLDS Amsterdam B.V. (doing business as ‘BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’) shall treat the personal information of persons, such as visitors to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s websites and individuals buying tickets to exhibitions and other events organised by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam (hereinafter: ‘the user’ or ‘you’).
Upon furnishing your data to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam (or one of BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s contractors), you shall thereby consent to the terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Statement.
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall collect and record such data as the user’s first and last names, as well as the user’s address, e-mail address, mobile or other telephone number and preferred type of exhibitions. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam is located at Damrak 66 in (1012 LM) Amsterdam.
This Privacy Statement explains what BODY WORLDS Amsterdam will do with your personal data. In providing services, BODY WORLDS Amsterdam may utilise third parties, which shall act as a processor solely at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s instruction. This Privacy Statement shall therefore also apply to data obtained through these third parties (or their websites). In addition, this Privacy Statement shall apply to any information about you which BODY WORLDS Amsterdam collects through the website www.bodyworlds.nl or BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s other websites/media.
Third-party websites
Except for the aforementioned websites of third parties which BODY WORLDS Amsterdam engages as processors, this Privacy Statement shall not apply to the websites of other parties (such as BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s sponsors) to which BODY WORLDS Amsterdam offers a hyperlink. To find out these parties’ privacy policies, please visit their websites. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not be responsible for the privacy policies of other parties’ websites.
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam (or a contractor of BODY WORLDS Amsterdam) may use your data to:

  • carry out its services regarding exhibitions and other events in the broadest sense of the word;
  • manage its customer administration;
  • provide you information about offers, new exhibitions and other events organised at BODY WORLDS Amsterdam, for example, through mailings, by e-mail, by mobile phone (SMS/EMS/MMS messages) or by regular post;
  • provide you information about the products or services of BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s partners;
  • improve its services (through surveys, for instance);
  • record visitor data for its websites (or portions thereof);
  • conduct market research;
  • improve and secure its websites. 

Your data shall not be used for other purposes besides those mentioned above. If you no longer wish to receive notices from us, you can simply unsubscribe (see below).
Changing data
You can also unsubscribe from the mailing list at the bottom of each e-mail and SMS/EMS/MMS message which you receive from BODY WORLDS Amsterdam (or its contractors). You can unsubscribe as well through the e-mail address amsterdam@bodyworlds.nl. Once you unsubscribe, you will not receive any more information from BODY WORLDS Amsterdam (or its contractors).
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall do its utmost to ensure that your data is properly secured. Access to the computers on which the user data is stored shall only be granted to persons who need this because of their job duties. The computers shall have security systems and access codes.
Furnishing data
We may furnish your data to parties which we engage to carry out our services. Apart from this, we shall not furnish any data to third parties, unless we are required to do so by law. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall not furnish personal data to parties in countries outside the European Union without the necessary permission or licence/permit.
BODY WORLDS Amsterdam reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Statement. Users are hereby encouraged to themselves examine BODY WORLDS Amsterdam’s privacy policy regularly for any changes.
Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions
By way of supplement to our General Terms and Conditions, these Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions shall apply to gift vouchers issued by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. By using a BODY WORLDS Amsterdam gift voucher, you shall thereby accept and agree to comply with these Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions.
18. These Terms and Conditions shall apply to any gift vouchers issued by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam (electronic, printed and paper gift vouchers, as well as gift cards), hereinafter referred to jointly as: ‘Gift Vouchers’, which are sold by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam or third parties designated by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam.
19. Each Gift Voucher shall include a unique code, which may be a numerical code and/or PIN code and/or text code. Each Gift Voucher shall only be furnished once. You must keep the Gift Voucher (including the code) in a safe place. Compensation shall not be provided in the event of theft (including use of the code by unauthorised third parties) or loss (including accidental deletion of e-mails). Only original Gift Vouchers and codes may be used and must be furnished to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam upon request. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam reserves the right to only accept a Gift Voucher after receiving the original Gift Voucher (in the case of an electronic Gift Voucher, the e-mail which is sent to you by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam or a third party designated by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam and which includes the code) and to demand payment in cash in the event of improper use. If a Gift Voucher was purchased from a third party, you must keep the sales and top-up receipts in a safe place and submit these to BODY WORLDS Amsterdam upon request.
20. The nature, value, duration, expiry date and/or any other applicable specific user conditions can be found on the Gift Voucher or in the statement (e-mail) which contains the code. Each Gift Voucher shall be valid for one year. The Gift Voucher may no longer be used after the expiry date.
21. Gift Vouchers issued by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam and/or third parties designated by BODY WORLDS Amsterdam may only be redeemed for purchases through www.bodyworlds.nl.
22. The Gift Voucher may not be redeemed for food, beverages or similar products and may not be used in combination with special offers.
23. Gift Vouchers or the residual value thereof may not be redeemed for cash.
24. The Gift Voucher’s residual value may not be used for subsequent orders.
25. If the total value of the order exceeds the value of the Gift Vouchers used, the difference must be paid through one of the other payment methods: giro slip, credit card, discount code, iDEAL or Maestro.
26. Any attempted or actual fraud or other impermissible actions shall be recorded and shall result in use of the Gift Vouchers being denied.
27. Gift Vouchers may not be used in any manner whatsoever for commercial and/or other purposes besides those for which they were issued.
28. These Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions may be modified from time to time. We advise you to consult these Terms and Conditions each time before you use a Gift Voucher. If you continue to use Gift Vouchers after the modifications take effect, you shall thereby have accepted the modified Terms and Conditions.
29. If you have questions or comments about the use of the Gift Vouchers or problems in redeeming these, please inform us as soon as possible by contacting our Customer Service Department. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam shall take up your e-mail as soon as possible.